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Friday, January 22, 2016

Mayor Hovel gives State of the City of City Address before Chamber of Commerce meeting

Prescott Mayor David Hovel was the guest speaker of the January meeting of the Prescott Chamber of Commerce, which was held in conjunction with an open house at Great Rivers Printing company in Prescott late Thursday afternoon.

Hovel reviewed the happenings in the city throughout 2015, including the opening of the UNFI plant and Ptacek's grocery store building to the tearing down of Cabana Jo's and the new LED street lights. There are no major street projects planned for 2016 but plans are in the works to fix up the sidewalks on Broad St. through the downtown.

He also talked about the proposed underpass project and defended it from accusations the project is simply a benefit for Ptaceks.

"The underpasses are meant to keep pedestrians and bike riders and others safe and allow for better accesses for persons from one side of town to the other." Hovel said.

He also commented on concerns form city residents that they are paying more in property taxes for projects such as the new Pierce County Jail to the new high school than residents in adjoining townships are due to the process equalized value for land.

"I had one person come up to me saying he would like to plant corn in his backyard so it could be declared farmland too," Hovel said. "Part of this process is the state's responsibility to make sure the town's are paying their fair share and not paying under value and penalize those which are. But persons can also get involved by questioning the assumption made by assessors by attending open book sessions and discussing what the value of their property is."

More on Hovel's speech in next week's edition of the Prescott Journal, on newsstands Wednesday.

Prescott Dave Hovel giving the State of the City address to the Prescott Chamber of Commerce meeting at Great Rivers Printing.

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