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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Immediate cuts if school referendum not passed to total $1.46 million

If the referendum allowing the Prescott School District on the Feb. 16 ballot to exceed its levy cap limits does not succeed, cuts of $1.46 million will immediately be needed to the district's budget.

This is according to District Superintendent Dr. Richard Spicuzza. He said the district was currently operating under a levy cap override set back in 2011 which will expire next year. Passage of the referendum is needed for the district to continue with its current budget under the parameters set by state law.

The district is asking voters for a levy cap increase total of $1.87 million. Besides the immediate $1.46 million, future budgets up to 2020 would have to find additional cuts totaling $410,000.

Information about the referendum proposal can be found on the district's website at this address: http://www.prescott.k12.wi.us/schoolboard/2016levy.html

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