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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Cabana Jo's building to be demolished by the end of the year

The Cabana Jo's former Steamboat Inn and the house next to it are to be demolished by the end of the year. That announcement was made during the Prescott City Council meeting Monday evening.

Prescott City Administrator Jayne Brand announced that a developer's agreement had been reached with the current ownership of the property to raise the building, which for many in the community has become an eyesore, a potential health hazard with reports of rodents and other animals living inside of it and a criminal hotspot in town for thieves and tresspassers.

Brand said in an interview Tuesday that work on the demolition could proceed over the first two weekends of December, weather permitting.

The owners have not yet proceeded with the development of the site and have at least three years to do so according to agreement which they received financial assistance to help with the demolition process.

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