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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Prescott City Council approves grant to facilitate demolition of Cabana Jo's

The Prescott City Council approved a grant to the owners of the former Cabana Jo's/Steamboat Inn property to help pay for the demolition of the property and the home next to it at its meeting Monday evening.

The grant will come from TIF district the building is in and is worth $25,000. The city has entered into a development agreement with the owners of the property, the primary owner being Bob Campbell of Hudson, to have the building and the home next to it be demolished and a new building go in its place within a three -year period. If this is not done, the grant becomes a loan and the owners have to pay it back. The city also took out a tax lien on the building and home.

The council took this move after hearing numerous complaints about the rundown condition of the former Cabana Jo's/Steamboat Inn building. At the city council meeting of Sept. 28, citizen Sally West demanded the building be torn down due recurring theft and break-ins, rodent problems and the depressing effect to nearby property values. 

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