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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pierce County Board approves final design of jail project

ELLSWORTH - By a unanimous vote, the Pierce County Board of Supervisors approved the final design of the new jail project at the board's monthly meeting Tuesday evening at the Pierce County Courthouse.

The final cost of the project is at $17,990,290.00. The approved resolution calls for the contract not to exceed that amount but the board has authorized borrowing $19 million for the project (and voted to do so back in April). Plans are for the bids to be given out in February and March with construction beginning in April 2016. The new jail is scheduled to be completed by the summer of 2017.

The project will be located on Hwy. 65 and Overlook Dr. in Ellsworth. It will have 80 beds initial capacity but can expand to 120 beds. It's also located in a spot and designed in such a way to where the building can be expanded to include new courtrooms and offices for the county court system.

"I know $17 million is a lot of money but I can assure county residents this building is not a Taj Mahal," board member Scott Bjork (District No. 7 - River Falls) said. "There's nothing short in what's in building but there's nothing extra to it either. It's built for future use."

For more on this vote and this months county board meeting read the Nov. 4 edition of the Prescott Journal. 

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