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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fitness with Lisa - Tips for tailgating

By Lisa Holtan

Fall is here! That means football, tailgating, party foods and snacks.

Did you know that people who tailgate eat about a weeks’ worth of calories in one day?!
Here are some tips to help you stay on track with your diet and still enjoy tailgating:
           Bring a healthy snack to share.  Some ideas are: veggies and guacamole, flat bread pizza (spread hummus on a flat-out and pile with veggies), fruit skewers, a salad or cocktail shrimp.

·         Drink water between each alcoholic beverage.
       After you eat, chew gum. If you are chewing gum you are less likely to mindlessly eat.

·         Stand up when you are eating. It is harder to balance a plate full of food, a drink and eat all at the same time.

Fill your plate with veggies and protein first then have some chips and sweets later.

These tips will help you stay on track with your diet but still let you enjoy the tailgating season!

Speaking of fall, here’s a fall recipe. This recipe is perfect when you want apple crisp just for 1 person or you want a low calorie fall dessert.  Plus, this is the fastest apple crisp ever.

“Fake” apple crisp
·         1 apple
·         1/3 cup of water
·         2 TBSP of instant plain oatmeal
·         1 tsp of brown sugar
·         1 tsp of cinnamon
·         1 tsp of butter
Put 1/3 cup water in a microwavable bowl.  Core and peel your apple and put the apple in the bowl with the water.  In a separate bowl combine oatmeal, brown sugar, cinnamon and butter.  Put the oatmeal mixture inside the core of the apple.  Put in the microwave for 5 minutes.  Take it out of the microwave and let cool for a couple of minutes.  Approximately 140 calories, serves one.

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